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 Healthy Goods At Wholesale Prices

What if you could save up to 25% by buying healthy products for yourself or with friends?

OpenBasket is a new way to discover over 1000s curated healthy products directly from Australian wholesalers.

Discover Our Products

There is always something for health-conscious family or friends: no-sugar-added treats for kids; gluten-free wholefood, organic pantry staples, eco-household products; cruelty-free natural skincare.


Level Up Your Lunchbox Game With Healthy Snacks

Fuel your family with the right snacks. When choosing convenience, you no longer have to compromise on the ingredient list or nutritional value.

All Your Familiar Pantry Essentials - Just Better Quality

A carefully-curated selection of certified organic and natural food products to meet all your pantry needs. Cook with cleaner, healthier ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Household Items - Big Small Changes

By replacing your everyday household items with reusable ones, you’ll be contributing to saving our planet. These are the Big Small changes we need.

Natural Skincare, Beauty and Oral Care 

OpenBasket is your one-stop destination for all your natural skincare, beauty, body and oral care essentials. No need to worry about ingredient lists - we do all the work for you.

Why Open Basket?

Shop for just yourself or (optionally) share your basket and get further discounts by buying in bulk with others.

OpenBasket is the only online shopping destination that fully facilitates basket sharing with family and friends. No need to calculate what people owe you, no need to keep track or input what others order. Not into sorting/pick-up - arrange for handling & delivery directly by OpenBasket!


What Others Say About Us?

Instil a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating within your family and community.
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